Popular St. Petersburg Florida Wedding Venues

Weddings are a wonderful moment, shared with the ones loved and respected in the family. If the wedding needs a special location, St Petersburg wedding venues are diverse and popular places for the ceremony to take place. Whether it is a Sheraton Hotel in St. Petersburg or a beautiful park – each location will add to the spectacular and important in the lives of the married couple.

When choosing a location, take into account the size of the group that will be traveling to the St. Petersburg Florida wedding location, how they will be arriving, where they will be staying during the celebrations and how the reception and other events will be accommodated to their needs. Planning ahead for these situations and using a Florida wedding planner or business-minded friends will help to make the process smooth, even if there are minor hitches in planning.

Generally, a St. Petersburg Florida wedding will be harder to plan with more people. However, the more people the more festive a wedding can be – and the more people will speak of it, many years later after. Some of the locations presented below will help accommodate limousines and other car rental services, just be sure to plan ahead and come prepared – even if emergency accommodations cannot be acquired from them. Popular St. Petersburg wedding venues include:
  1. Sheraton Tampa Riverwalk Hotel
  2. Florida Aquarium
  3. Sheraton Sand Key Resort
  4. Westin Tampa Bay
  5. Intercontinental Hotel Tampa
  6. Cove Cay Country Club
  7. Grand Ballroom at Mahaffey Theatre
  8. Belleview Biltmore Resort Golf Club and Spa
  9. Belleair Grill and Wine Bar
  10. Jake’s Grotto

Sheraton Tampa Riverwalk Hotel Wedding

The Sheraton Tampa Riverwalk Hotel is widely known for its quality rooms, value service and highly intimate hotel experience. Its location in downtown Tampa makes it ideal for an adventure after Florida wedding ceremony and the festivities. There are many beautiful, tasteful restaurants located near the Sheraton Tampa Riverwalk Hotel, providing excitement, delicious food and a short trip time back to the hotel.

Florida Aquarium Weddings

Receptions, elegant weddings, and formal sit-downs are all possible at the Florida Aquarium where the beautiful backdrop of the aquariums will draw the eyes, adding a magical ambiance to all during this amazing Florida wedding experience. This picturesque venue is not to be missed because of all the Saint Petersburg venues; it is the most unique and spectacular with a 500,000 gallon coral reef tank..

Sheraton Sand Key Resort Wedding

The Sheraton Sand Key Resort Wedding is a beautiful Mediterranean-themed resort. With many excellent beaches, this will make the St. Petersburg wedding reception and all the after-parties memorable, and pleasing to even the most difficult of friends and family. Imagine seeing the sunset on the eve of your Florida wedding, then waking to the sound of the waves crashing onto the beaches! It’s all possible at the Sand Key Resort.

The Westin Tampa Bay Wedding

Located just minutes from the International Airport in Tampa, the Westin Tampa Bay serving Saint Petersburg offers shopping centers, elegant dining and many exciting varieties of bars, clubs and entertainment venues for everyone. This is a very convenient St. Petersburg wedding venue and perfect for all size Florida wedding parties.

Intercontinental Hotel Tampa Wedding

The location of the Intercontinental Hotel Tampa, similar to Westin Tampa Bay, is a prime location to have a St. Petersburg Florida wedding. It’s proximity to little shops and a new shopping center will make everyone traveling with the wedding group very happy; all the distinct entertainment venues will provide a large array of choices for everybody, like spas, coffee shops, and great restaurants.

Cove Cay Country Club Wedding

The Cove Cay Country Club is an event facility that will give one of the most extraordinary views for a Florida wedding reception or ceremony. Call ahead of time to the Cove Cay Country Club to make preparations and reserve a time slot months before- this venue is in high demand in Saint Petersburg, Florida.

Grand Ballroom at Mahaffey Theatre Wedding

The Grand Ballroom at Mahaffey Theatre location is right near the downtown waterfront district, with the striking views of St. Petersburg bay. The Grand Ballroom at Mahaffey Theatre is maintained to have the best floors for dancing. Also, no matter how the ceremony will be arranged, the Grand Ballroom staff will make it possible to make the couples’ St. Petersburg Florida wedding dreams come true. As always call ahead of time to reserve a spot, many months before the wedding.

Belleview Biltmore Resort Golf Club and Spa Wedding

The Belleview Biltmore Resort Golf Club and Spa is the best location for families with grand parents and kids- while the adults go playing golf after the wedding, the next day, and the kids can go to the pool and enjoy all the entertainment available. The Belleview Biltmore Resort Golf Club shouldn’t leave the list of great possibilities for this Florida wedding location – not until everyone’s had a say!

Belleair Grill and Wine Bar Wedding

This is a unique restaurant perfectly suited for a Florida wedding. Call and reserve a time and date for your St. Petersburg Florida wedding and the staff at Belleair Grill and Wine Bar will take the time and care to prepare the restaurant to the exact specifications of the bride and groom. After a great meal at the Belleair, the family and the married couple can head out to the shopping centers in the area.

Jake’s Grotto Wedding

A private garden with an outdoor space that is sure to delight the outdoor-oriented couple. If taking a soothing walk after the loudness and excitement of the reception is the thing for the couple, then Jake’s Grotto will provide a most memorable Florida wedding. The wedding photographer will find plenty of opportunities to snap incredible colors in the outdoor spaces and in the gardens.

St. Petersburg Wedding Venues are Many

When it comes to choosing a great location for a wedding, St. Petersburg, Florida offers a wide range of fascinating Florida wedding venues. The Aquarium venue gives a most magical touch to the experience, while the more traditional venues like the Belleair Grill and the Belleview Biltmore Resort Golf Club & Spa provide richer and more luxurious moments for everyone who comes to celebrate in the happiness of the marrying couple.

Whatever the final decision, each location has something that the others don’t. One is more intimate, and suited to small family groupings, while the larger ones, the pricier venues are best suited for a huge group of people – from the closest family and friends to acquaintances and bands.

All weddings are a special time. Share in the happiness with family and other loved ones at a St. Petersburg venue: each location simply needs a reservation, and the place will be remembered forever as the happiest moment in the couples’ lives.